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Z Swirl Sparkle Cicada - USADGC 2024

Z Swirl Sparkle Cicada - USADGC 2024

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7/6/-1/1      *The new Cicada in Z Swirl Sparkle plastic for 2024 USADGC! Nasty shimmer and swirl to this one!            

The Discraft Cicada is designed to be a hyzer-flip machine. Beginners and intermediate players will love that with a smooth, controlled release, this disc will fly dead straight. With a smash, this disc will carve up long arcing turnovers and execute perfect rollers. As a proud addition to Discraft's lineup, the Cicada thrives, elevating the game of disc golf and complementing their legacy of excellence.

Z Swirl plastic is a swirly version of Discraft's Z plastic. It's often used with Ledgestone Edition discs. Z-Line is Discraft's most durable plastic blend. This is a hard translucent plastic that is available in vibrant colors. Discraft claims that this plastic is the choice of pros under normal conditions for slow seasoning.

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