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Titanium Swirl Zone

Titanium Swirl Zone

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4/3/0/3   *Staff Favorite in the new Ti Swirl Plastic!     

Introducing the Zone in our new Ti plastic blend, now featuring a tackier grip that offers exceptional control for your short-range game. The Zone's renowned stability and reliability are further enhanced by the mesmerizing swirls in the plastic, making each disc a unique visual masterpiece.   The Ti Zone is perfect for approach shots and forehand throws, providing a dependable and consistent flight path. With the improved grip, you can trust the Zone to deliver precise and accurate throws, even in challenging conditions.

The Discraft Zone is a slim putter with a thick rim (1.2cm) that gives you something to hold on to. This is a very overstable putter that is good for headwinds, strategic fades, forehand throws, flick putts, and slamming into chains at just the right angle. Many Discraft enthusiasts will have a Zone in their bag as a putter that gets them out of a situation where a Flick, or sidearm putt is their only option. Being so overstable, this disc can handle the torque that a Flick will put on it!

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