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Swirly S-line DD3 Cloud Breaker 2 - Lightweight - Eagle McMahon Sig Series

Swirly S-line DD3 Cloud Breaker 2 - Lightweight - Eagle McMahon Sig Series

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12/5/-1/3  *Lightweight CB2! Innova Made with phenomenal grip, chalky and great feel! This is a true RAD GEM!  Very minor storage wear possible   

Designed to be a go-to distance driver, the Cloud Breaker can help you achieve distance levels that have previously been unreachable.


This year’s Cloud Breaker 2 comes in our popular Swirly S-Line plastic. This very grippy blend is perfect for those high powered drives. When combined with the smooth and consistent profile across the top, the Cloud Breaker 2 can easily slot in as your go-to distance driver.

The swirls? These are some of the best swirls we’ve seen when compared to other recent releases. We can’t wait until you see them in person!


Disc golfers of all levels can find something to love in the Cloud Breaker 2. Stronger arms will see a little bit of turn when thrown at full power. There is enough stability to stand up to a decent wind, but you can still shape quite the shot with it.

As the Cloud Breaker 2 slows down the very predictable and reliable fade will show up. It’s the exact type of flight you want out of a pure distance driver.

Don’t let the speed 12 rating scare you away. Even those who don’t have the arm strength of an Eagle McMahon will be able to use the Cloud Breaker 2 as a perfect distance driver for both backhand and forehand shots. It will be able to handle everything you throw at it and will be quite a useful driver.


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