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Swirly S-Line TD - Ella Hansen Triumph OTB

Swirly S-Line TD - Ella Hansen Triumph OTB

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10/5/-2/1   *Limited release of nasty Swirly TD's for Ella Hansen winning the OTB Open 2024!             

The Discmania TD was an Innova made mold back in the day that had a big following from intermediate to beginner players for its ease of flight. Now Discmania has approved it again so they can make it in their own factory. We're not sure if they plan on making the flight numbers the same as the old mold yet, but we'll update this page as we know more.

The equivalent of Innova Star plastic. Discmania describes this plastic blend, "Excellent grip with great durability. This plastic ages well, which means your disc doesn’t have a drastic change in its flight behavior after a couple of collisions with trees."

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