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Recon Sabot First Run - Garret Gurthie Hyzerbomb Sig

Recon Sabot First Run - Garret Gurthie Hyzerbomb Sig

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The Hyzerbomb Sabot (/saˈbō/) is a flat-topped overstable power driver. With fast speed and a blunt nose you can bomb this disc with all you’ve got, and it delivers a consistent hyzer line with good glide. It has strong distance for headwinds, sidearm blasts and shots that need a reliable and hard fade finish.

Garrett Gurthie is known as one of disc golf’s biggest cannons, which makes the Sabot perfect as his Signature Edition model. Watch GG fight wind and drop bombs with the Sabot out on tour.

The Sabot is available in Recon and Color Glow Recon Limited Edition models. A portion of each sale goes to help support Garrett Gurthie’s touring efforts.

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