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Doomsday Discs

Radioactive Waste Pestilence

Radioactive Waste Pestilence

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13/5/-4/1  *Great feel and glow to these flippy drivers! Low Glow variants appear to be mixed with Toxic Waste plastic, great grip!  Not so great glow.            

The Pestilence, by Doomsday Discs, is part of the Catastrophic Line of discs. It is a wide-rim distance driver that is understable enough to be handled by new players. For experienced players, it is an excellent tool for hyzer-flip and long s-curve shots. Reach your maximum potential on long throws without needing maximum arm speed or power. After the world comes crumbling down, you'll be able to use the Pestilence well into the dystopian future.

Radioactive Waste is a glow-in-the-dark premium plastic blend from Doomsday Discs. Not only does it glow well, but it feels great. However, you should limit your exposure to this radioactive blend, unless you want to risk gaining unexpected superpowers.

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