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RAD glO-G (Glow) Koi - Sprinkles!!

RAD glO-G (Glow) Koi - Sprinkles!!

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3/4/-1/0  *The second run of Rare Air Discs Exclusive Glow Koi is here!  To celebrate, we added FREAKING SPRINKLES! 12 styles possible - multiple available in each style so minor swirl differences possible.            

The glow silicone rubber feels great and is slightly more stable than the OG rubber, we are huge fans of hyzer flipping these or anny float down to the basket.  Sticks to the ground on approaches!              

Artwork done by Ripper Studios  

The Koi is designed to glide to the basket with ease. This straight to under-stable putter will hold whatever line you put it on, and Elevation's floppy rubber material will ensure it sticks and grabs onto the chains. It was approved by the PDGA on May, 2021

The new glO-G material is a silicone rubber blend, with a feel in-between OG and Newcomer (Elevation's old and new material).


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