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Prototype Metal Flake C-Line MD4 - European Open

Prototype Metal Flake C-Line MD4 - European Open

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5/4/0/3   *Nasty artwork by Soul Crush Manny Trujillo!  Staff Favorite mold!!   

Looking for more predictability for your midrange shots? The MD4 does not fool around. It has a lot in common with the highly versatile MD3, but the blunt nose gives it a shot of overstability. It is still quite fast with some glide, so it is not a one trick pony that crashes into the ground as soon as the fade starts.

The Metal Flake C-line is normal C-line plastic with little metal flakes within the plastic. It may change the flight characteristics depending on the mold but the durability and feel are exactly the same. The metal flakes make plastic colors pop, but still allows the plastic to be transparent


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