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Prism Soft Proton Envy - Limited OTB Open 2023

Prism Soft Proton Envy - Limited OTB Open 2023

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3/3/0/2  *Beautiful exclusive Soft Proton Release for the OTB Open!  Insane Triple Foil Design - all discs have holographic, black and jellybean foils.    

Are you ready to take your game to the next level? With the MVP Prism Proton Soft ENVY in your bag, you're sure to have a great time doing it! This first-rate putter is one of a kind and offers superior grip and confident feel with every throw.

The Prism Proton Soft ENVY is as smooth as modern frolfing gets. It fit snugly in your hand and won't slip no matter how hard you grip it. As an extra bonus, its futuristic design has eye-catching aesthetic appeal. Best of all, though, is the way this bad boy handles on the course! Its flight path exhibits reliable high-speed stability and minimal fade for each shot. Described as having a "lid-like" nature, this putter outperforms others with similar classifications in both reach and power without sacrificing accuracy.

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