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Latitude 64

Opto Fuse - Understable Midrange

Opto Fuse - Understable Midrange

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5/6/-1/0  *Customer favorite straight flying midrange      

The Fuse is a great feeling midrange that has a ton of glide and a relatively straight flight. It is a touch on the understable side but will fly straight at very low speeds and at high speeds it will hold an anhyzer line for days. The Gold Ice Fuse has a comfortable feel in the hand and players like JohnE McCray absolutely love this mold. Perfect for the woods or any other touchy shot you need the disc to have a lot of glide. 

Opto is made out of some of the world's most durable plastics. It comes in a variety of beautiful translucent colors. The Opto Line plastic has been developed to withstand severe punishment and extreme conditions better than other plastics.

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