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OG Koi - Rubber Putter - Run 4 Uranium

OG Koi - Rubber Putter - Run 4 Uranium

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3/4/-1/0   *Made of original OG floppy rubber!  Staff favorite!  Great for stopping rollaways and catch!   

The Koi is designed to glide to the basket with ease. This straight to under-stable putter will hold whatever line you put it on, and Elevation's floppy rubber material will ensure it sticks and grabs onto the chains. It was approved by the PDGA on May, 2021

Our original floppy rubber, OG, is as good as it gets for stopping ground-play and roll-aways. Being our floppiest material (maybe the floppiest in disc golf) it excels at absorbing impact, and with some practice, will shave some strokes off your game. Not to mention, the extremely vibrant colors help your disc stand out on the course and give each disc a unique look.

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