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OG Glow C-Line MD3 (Penned) (Innova Made) - Supreme Flight - Autographed

OG Glow C-Line MD3 (Penned) (Innova Made) - Supreme Flight - Autographed

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5/5/0/3   *Autographed by Paul McBeth  *Rated 8/10 (Faded Ink and light use)   

Innova Made Glow White w/ Double Rainbow Foil    

Designed with the power players in mind, the MD3 can handle a lot of power without flexing and always comes back down with a dependable fade. Great reliable midrange for all conditions. These Glow C-MD3’s are a touch straighter fliers than the regular Glow C-line versions. They also have a superb grip and a very low profile. We’re pretty sure that once you get this disc in your hands, you will be throwing it on all kinds of shots. This very well might the best feeling midrange disc in the game.

The MD3 is Discmania´s do-it-all midrange, one you can find from the bag of practically every Team Discmania Pro out there. The MD3 gets you straight to your destination, with almost driver-like range.


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