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Prototype O-Lace (Engraved) - Vibram Open 2013

Prototype O-Lace (Engraved) - Vibram Open 2013

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13/5/-1/3  *Beautiful Prototype EnGraved O-Lace from 2013!  Medium Stiffness.  Minor storage wear possible.  

The oLace is Vibram's answer for players looking for an overstable distance driver good for sidearm and overhand throws.

The oLace should be more consistent than the regular Lace, and better in windy conditions. It has similar dimensions with a slightly thinner rim and slimmer profile.

When you throw rubber, you throw the best. Our innovative, performance-driven golf discs offer better grip, scuff resistance and durability than traditional plastic discs. Plus, every disc features a one-of-a-kind artisanal design and color pattern.

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