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Lumen Enigma - Limited Edition Discmania Open 2023

Lumen Enigma - Limited Edition Discmania Open 2023

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12/5/-1/2   *Enigma gets a glow up for the first time! Lumen plastic adds excellent glow, some extra grip, and a touch more high speed turn, letting you bomb them further with confidence.  *Swirls in plastic may vary from photos       

Discmania proudly presents their very own Disc Golf Pro Tour event, the Discmania Open! This limited fundraiser Lumen Enigma not only looks, feels, and flies amazing, it also provides funds for the tournament itself! Based in Prince Edward Island in Eastern Canada, this tournament will prove to be a destination tournament for pros and spectators alike.

The Discmania Evolution Enigma is the first Distance Driver and fourth disc to be released in Discmania's Evolution Line, manufactured by Latitude 64. The Enigma is a high speed driver that will provide big distance for experienced disc golfers. 

Discmania Evolution Neo plastic is manufactured by Latitude 64. It is a mix of opto and gold line plastic, resulting in a creamy, not quite opaque plastic blend. It feels great in the hand, like all Latitude plastics do!

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