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Star Animal - XXL Savage Limited Edition - VERY RARE!

Star Animal - XXL Savage Limited Edition - VERY RARE!

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Star Animal - XXL Savage Limited Edition - ONLY 200 Released! - Sky Teal / Blue and Purple Holo Star Glitter Triple Foil - 175g - Beautiful swirly blendy run.  

The Animal is a short-range, stable forehand and backhand approach disc.

The Animal was designed to be a short-range, stable forehand and backhand approach disc. It’s also a good putter in the wind and inside the circle. The Animal features our Thumtrac® Rim for a secure grip.

Focus on Approaches

Drive for show. Putt for dough. Approach like an… Animal? First, what is the ideal approach shot? By pro standards, it’s a throw outside putting distance using a low-speed disc that finishes inside the 10-meter putting circle. So, how do you land upshots inside the putting circle with consistency? Listing the steps is easy—shot selection, disc choice, and the throw. Execution is where the challenge begins.

Throwing upshots is tough. They require accuracy and finesse. But what if you could limit the variables and unlock more consistency? That’s where ranging comes in.

What is Ranging?

Ranging combines the speed of the disc, the release angle, and the flight charactaristics of the disc to travel a predictable distance. Pro Tip: approach discs with less glide are easier to range. Why? Because they rely on your range of power, not the glide of the disc, for distance.

The Animal Was Made for Ranging

The Animal has all the traits of a great approach disc. It’s comfortable in the hand. Every grip feels secure with the Thumtrac® on top. But most importantly, when you throw the Animal it flies straight with a predictable distance based on the power you put behind it. Ranging!

The Animal is also a good choice for inside-the-circle putts in windy conditions. Its lack of glide means you can putt with more power and trust that any miss won’t go far.

So, get a grip on ranging, putt confidently in the wind, unlock consistency in your upshots, and score like an Animal!

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