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K1 Reko - All Black - Limited Headquarters Edition Stamp

K1 Reko - All Black - Limited Headquarters Edition Stamp

3/3/0/1  *Limited run of All Black K1 Reko's with the rare Headquarter's Edition stamp!  Stickered Run from 2022! Nice, firm feel to these with slight dome.  Minor storage wear possible due to black color, multiple available.        

The Reko is a nice putter with a round lip and small bead. The disc feels very comfortable in the hand for both power grips and fan grips. Most players will take to the Reko after just one feel. The rim isn't too deep, but it also isn't really shallow either. This feels great in smaller hands and allows it to get a little more speed. The Reko has very little low speed stability, which means it stays on its line with a predictable flat drop that sticks the landing and reduces rollaways.

Katapalst K1 is a unique plastic blend manufactured in Sweden. This disc plastic has an excellent feel. It is moderately grippy, but not sticky and is extremely durable. K1 plastic has a similar feel to Prodigy 400G or Prodiscus. K1 is a stiffer blend than Kastaplasts K2 plastic.

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