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Halo S-Blend Scepter

Halo S-Blend Scepter

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9/4/0/4     *The first stock run of Halo S-Blend Scepters!               

The Scepter, a flat-top overstable fairway driver, is crafted for power throwers or those seeking utility on the disc golf course.. Designed with a flat top, it offers exceptional comfort for forehand use and reliably fights out of anhyzer releases.

Count on the Scepter to seamlessly slice through headwinds, showcasing its resilience and stability even in challenging weather conditions. This dynamic disc ensures a dramatic end-of-flight fade, adding precision to your throws and making it an ideal choice for players who prioritize control and reliability. Dominate the course with the Scepter in your arsenal!

Halo S-Blend is a collectible, decorative version of S-Blend where there is a different color in the rim than in the flight plate. It is a durable, high-quality plastic preferred by professional players and collectors alike.

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