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Latitude 64

Gold Burst Raketen - VIP Series #88 X-Out

Gold Burst Raketen - VIP Series #88 X-Out

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15/4/-2/3  *X-Out's (Top and Bottom Stamped) of a Very Limited release of an Out Of Production Latitude mold!  The 15 speed Raketen (Swedish for Rocket).   

The Gold Line Burst Raketen from Latitude 64 is the 88th release in the VIP Club series of monthly discs. They used a “hex” dimple technology to make a golf-ball-like surface in hopes of adding speed to the disc. They added smooth surface sections to the top of the disc for thumb placement. The brand ended up dropping the discs because there was some debate as to whether or not the technology actually added any speed or performance to the disc. But some fans missed the textured discs and they definitely add some fun history to the art of disc making. There are only 1500 Raketens available with this bottom stamp.

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