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Alfa Discs

Glow Snoopy Putter

Glow Snoopy Putter

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2/4/0/2    *Great gummy feel to these! - All discs are 173-4g - Milky White / Holo Oil

The Snoopy is a straight putter with a slight fade that makes the disc stable enough to handle headwind shots with ease. It is designed to withstand a good amount of power, as well as it provides a very comfortable feel. It has a very predictable and reliable flightpath, which makes it a very trustworthy putter!

Glow Line

The Alfa Glow line is a premium blend similar to gummy Champion plastic. This Glow will brighten up the course when the course is dark. Don't lose your discs, use Alfa Glow! First Glow plastic from Alfa Discs. According to Alfa discs, this is one of the best glow plastics on the market and glows for more than 10 minutes.

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