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ESP SuperColor Buzzz - Demise of the Loc-Nar

ESP SuperColor Buzzz - Demise of the Loc-Nar

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5/4/-1/1  *Limited Run Supercolor ESP Buzzz - White with the "Demise of the Loc-Nar"    

The Buzzz is probably the world's most popular golf disc. It's an ultra-dependable, versatile, straight flying midrange that will hold any line. The Full Foil process featuring full color from edge to edge has always made this Buzzz a popular Holiday favorite!

Full Foil Super Color plastic looks incredibly shiny and beautiful on Discraft's discs. The base plastic is ESP, while the top is a full color print that is coated in shiny foil. This is the first artwork of this kind and will surely stand out on the course, or in your Disc Gallery at home.

ESP Plastic:

Discraft describes ESP Plastic as "an advanced polymer plastic that is more durable than Elite-X and grippier than Z Line plastic. This plastic blend provides the perfect combination of grip and durability and often includes attractive color swirls."

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