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Wiser Hyzer

Custom Glow Resin Mini - Wooden Rim and Spinner!

Custom Glow Resin Mini - Wooden Rim and Spinner!

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*Wooden Halo with Glow Resin and Fidget spinner style center!  Spin it to calm the nerves before the big putt!   

Wiser Hyzer Minis are not your typical resin minis. Forged in the legendary Lab, these minis are both Epoxy and Urethane resin. Why? They are harder than standard epoxy, capable of glass-clear clarity. They are cured under 60 lbs of pressure using only the brightest glow and most elegant micas, these pieces of art will grace your bag for as long as you throw. That or until you make a nasty birdie and forget to pick it up. ***Warning, will draw jealousy from competitors and bring super powers of confidence

PDGA Approved Mini's


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