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Color Glow C-Line PD - Ella Hansen Triumph 2024 OTB

Color Glow C-Line PD - Ella Hansen Triumph 2024 OTB

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10/4/0/3  *Beautiful run of Neon Yellow Color Glow PD's in honor of Ella Hansen winning DGPT OTB Open 2024!  First time Discmania has run a Color Glow PD! Customer Favorite - said to be a MONEY run!  Minor color differences possible, multiple available.          

There is something special about the flight of a PD when it is perfectly dialed in. You get that perfect combination of speed, glide, high speed stability, and a dependable fade. It is a disc that changed the sport.

Out of the box, the the CG PD will show a great stability at high speeds and resist turns while fighting headwinds. During our initial tests, we were facing 10-15 mph headwinds and the CG PD fought back and held a laser straight line on every throw.

Discmania has gotten their glow plastic down!  These have a solid glow to them!

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