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Doomsday Discs

Biohazard Blackout

Biohazard Blackout

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8/5/-2/1  *Great feel to these gummy Biohazard Blackouts! Customer's have been digging these.      

The Blackout by Doomsday Discs is an understable fairway driver for the masses. If you struggle when your discs fade too soon, then the Blackout will help by resisting the fade. Experienced players can hyzer-flip and anhyzer the Blackout for all kinds of fun, straight shots and turn shots. You'll shoot lights-out with the Blackout.

Biohazard plastic from Doomsday Discs is a mostly translucent premium blend with a lot of flexibility and good grip. It's a gummier option than most premium discs on the market, and it comes with the same dirty, splotchy look as Toxic Waste, having been through the cataclysmic production process of the apocalpyse.

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