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Aura Construct - RADioactive Man Edition

Aura Construct - RADioactive Man Edition

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10/6/-2/2  *Amazing run of TSA's newest driver with the RADioactive man custom stamp by Ripper Studios.      

My eyes! The goggles do nothing!

The Construct is TSA's most versatile distance-fairway driver.

The epitome of glide, the Construct will find a comfortable home in your bag when you're looking to push for more distance than your standard fairways or scale down from a distance driver when a straight flight is required from start to finish.

With a harmonious balance of manageable rim-width and glide with a straight flight out of the box, the Construct is sure to bridge a gap many players are eager to fill.

Aura plastic features an opaque blend of premium polymers that offer high-end durability and hand feel. Largest selection of bright colors. Discs produced in Aura plastic are fantastic year round grip and could be closely considered to that of Innova's star plastic, MVP's Neutron or Discrafts ESP plastic. 

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