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S-Line P2 - Custom "RAD Shredder" Stamp

S-Line P2 - Custom "RAD Shredder" Stamp

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2/3/0/1 - *One of the first to get custom stamped S-Line P2's we had to put this amazing artwork by Ripper Studios!          

”Drive for show, putt for dough.”

This old adage holds true for the P2. We dare to claim that the P2 has made the most dollars in prize money total. Several Discmania and Innova sponsored pros trust the P2 for the most important throw in the game. The P2 keeps popping up at the top of most sold charts, especially in putters, but also in all disc types combined.

The P2 is more overstable than the P1-series, and is very stable in high speeds, making it ideal for driving, even through winds. One benefit of the P2 is also that is has been produced each of the plastic types Discmania discs have ever been produced in, so you can be sure to find your favorite.

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