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N-Blend Myth - Bottom Stamp

N-Blend Myth - Bottom Stamp

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2/3/0/2  *Limited run of bottom stamped N-Blend Cohorts!  All have blank top sides.   *Due to plastic type, discs may have a small amount of warehouse storage wear.      

The Myth is a dependable, beaded putter with a comfortable rim that can be used for precision putting, or as a driving putter and approach disc. If your putting game can't be a thing of legend, then at least let it be a thing of Myth. Inspire friends and family to talk about your epic putts around late-night campfires for generations to come.

N-Blend is similar to Innova's Nexus plastic with a stiffer flight plate and excellent grip. It is a preferred putter blend for pro players who want a combination of stiffness and tackiness.

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