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HyzerBomb Recon Tank (Penned) - 2017 NH Memorial

HyzerBomb Recon Tank (Penned) - 2017 NH Memorial

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2/1/0/2    *Rare 2017 Penned run of Recon Tanks (only 400 made)!  Patent Numbers on thumbtrack.  Very RAD run of a HyzerBomb classic.   Minor storage wear possible with this plastic type.   

If you’re looking for a putter that flies like a Tank, reach for the Millennium/Hyzer Bomb Tank. This unique putt and approach disc has a broad flat profile and an extra wide thumb tack grip. The beefy rim of this disc gives it a solid feel that helps it stop like a tank. This is the ideal disc when you don’t want to overshoot, or skip past the basket. When thrown with power, the Tank is a fairly straight flying disc with minimal glide. It may exhibit a slight degree of high speed turn followed by a very minimal end of flight fade

The Hyzerbomb Recon Tank is a stable to slightly overstable putt and approach disc. It boasts a broad sided, chain blasting profile with an extra wide patented secure Thumtrac® grip. The rim is beefed up for a heavy duty feel that makes the disc 'hover-stop-drop'. Ideal for treacherous approach shots. Released with power, this disc golf putter will hold a straight line with very little glide giving you control on short to mid range shots. Not as good in the wind as the Panzer. Beginner friendly.

Recon plastic is the most durable and comparable to Millennium Quantum plastic.

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