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Elevation Gecko - ecoSUPERFLEX Recycled Rubber - 2nd Run

Elevation Gecko - ecoSUPERFLEX Recycled Rubber - 2nd Run

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9/4/0/3.5  *Slightly more stiff than the last run.  Staff Favorite! 

This run flies very similar to the other Gecko runs, so the flight numbers will remain 9 | 4 | 0 | 3.5. However, this run turned out slightly MORE stiff than the first run of ecoSUPERFLEX Geckos, so they still have really great stopping ability, but can be thrown with some more vigor.

Our hope for the ecoSUPERFLEX Gecko is to essentially make an "approach driver". A lot of players like to throw approach shots with their overstable fairway, but need to account for lots of groundplay, now you don't have to. Also, with the floppiness + overstability, it makes for a pinpoint overhand and grenade disc that will hit the ground and roll very little if at all (mitigating one of the main drawbacks to those shots). Not to mention, it doesn't hurt your hand nearly as bad to throw grenades because it is so floppy. 

Our ecoFLEX rubber is made of vulcanized natural rubber, with up to 30% recycled material made of scrap from medical industry manufacturing such as rubber gloves, or stoppers. In other words, every 1,000 discs we produce prevents 10,000 rubber gloves that did not meet manufacturing standards from ending up in the world's landfills. Although it uses recycled material, it is extremely durable due to the strong and flexible nature of vulcanized natural rubber. It is also super grippy (think pink eraser or a new shoe sole) and our stiffest material to date making it easy to pick up and start using right away, while still maintaining a flex that absorbs impact.

The material is very strong, should be less susceptible to being punctured by sharp objects, and has incredible durability. I think people are used to recycled discs being less durable, but these are the opposite!
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