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Bravo Warbird - "Ride Em Rocket Cowboy" Triple Foil

Bravo Warbird - "Ride Em Rocket Cowboy" Triple Foil

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12/6/-1/3  *Limited run of Triple Foil Stamped "Ride Em Rocket Cowboy" Warbirds!         

The Warbird is a long distance driver. As an overstable driver with a high amount of glide, this can handle headwinds or power. Proving to be a long distance bomber of a disc. The Warbird fits in between the Curl and the Bowie. 

Bravo plastic is a premium, high quality blend. It has great grip and some flexibility. While it is manufactured in Texas, it is most comparable to Discraft's ESP FLX plastic. Bravo is among the highest quality plastics in disc golf!

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