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Lone Star Discs

Alpha Curl - "Ride Em Rocket Cowboy" Triple Foil

Alpha Curl - "Ride Em Rocket Cowboy" Triple Foil

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11/6/-1/3  *Limited run of Triple Foil Stamped "Ride Em Rocket Cowboy" Curls!   

The Curl is a distance driver from Texas-based Lone Star Disc. At speed 11, many will find the Curl to be the perfect distance driver with high glide. It flips up faster than the Bowie and has a softer stable finish. It fits nicely bettwen the high speed Bowie and the speed 9 Mad Cat. It's flight has been compared to the Innova Wraith.

Alpha plastic is a premium, high quality blend. It is designed to be a little more firm than Bravo plastic and could be compared to Discraft's ESP. 

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