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Z Sparkle Glo Drone - 2023 Ledgestone Edition

Z Sparkle Glo Drone - 2023 Ledgestone Edition

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The Drone is not like it’s stable cousin the Buzzz, but is actually one of the most overstable midrange discs on the market. Discraft gives the drone a stability rating of 2.5, making it a good midrange choice for advanced players and strategic hyzer throws. This is a disc that isn’t going to turn over in a headwind.

Z plastic is the translucent, durable Discraft plastic for long lasting discs. This is the decorative Sparkle edition for special edition discs.

Glo plastic is the quality Discraft plastic that glows in the Dark. This is a durable blend that may be slightly more stable than traditional Z plastic. This version has sparkles.

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