Collection: Discmania Discs

Discmania has been a "cult classic" sensation for almost five years, gaining most of its glory around Europe and especially in their home country of Finland. In Finland it’s estimated to be the second biggest manufacturer according to disc sales, following Innova Champion.

Throughout the years, Discmania has created a solid fan base on both sides of the Atlantic. Dedicated Discmania fans have been coined "Discmaniacs". When asked why Discmania hasn’t been more visible until this day, a fan replies, "Discmania is for serious players that seek something special. Those that are in the know want keep their Discmania discs to themselves and use them as a secret advantage against the other players”.

Even though the top disc manufacturers are standing on a solid base of success, Discmania has proven that there is room for fresh ideas. With Innova sponsored players Avery Jenkins and Will Schusterick on their team and even Ken ”the Champ” Climo using some of their models, Discmania will certainly become a force to be reckoned with in the future.