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Swirly Apex Longhorn - Custom RAD Elk Man Stamp!

Swirly Apex Longhorn - Custom RAD Elk Man Stamp!

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11/4/-1/2.5   *Limited run of custom Rare Air Discs Elk Man Stamped Longhorns!  Artwork designed by Ripper Studios     

As our second distance driver, the Longhorn is a perfect compliment to the understable Freetail. The Longhorn is a speed based driver, designed to flip to flat just a little bit while also being able to resist moderate winds.

Our premium Apex Plastic is designed for top of the line grip without sacrificing durability. We find this blend has slightly more glide helping it to carry forward. Apex is typically comes in a wide array of opaque colors.  White(or any light color) Apex is also our recommended color if you want to add your own tie-dye to our plastic. 
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