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Sublime Grackle First Run - Limited Taco Stamp

Sublime Grackle First Run - Limited Taco Stamp

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7/5/-1/2  *First Run in the Sublime Plastic - very limited Taco Stamp!  

The Grackle is a slightly stable fairway driver. It will compliment the current Alpha as a slightly less stable version that will season well and turn into a great hyzer flip option. This disc responds well to backhand and forehand throws. We find it flies a bit straighter on a flat forehand than it does a backhand.

Some have boldly compared this mold to the 2nd Run FD from OG Discmania - yes, THAT one! ;)

The only word that came to mind when we first touched this blend...was Sublime. With the optimal mix of grip and durability this plastic will typically have an vibrant Metallic look or glimmering Sparkle effect. 

Sublime Plastic is the featured plastic for our Artist Series discs. Each run will offer a different and limited print piece, so once it's sold out - it really is gone. Get them while they last!


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