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Starry Night Luna - Paul McBeth Limited Stamp

Starry Night Luna - Paul McBeth Limited Stamp

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3/3/0/3   *Scaled Weights.  Limited Run of Midnight Z Metallic Luna's with 2 foil Starry Night Artwork.  Beautiful gold shimmer and some swirls throughout the discs.  Some storage wear possible due to plastic type.   

The Luna is a putter co-designed from start to finish with Paul McBeth. The Luna is a great neutral flying putter, making it a staple for heavily wooded and open style courses. This control allows the Luna to take advantage of any angle or putting style and showcase it at its full potential. This is a limited edition run of the Luna in Z Metallic Midnight plastic with a unique two color Starry Night themed design. Select your favorite foil and weight with this Limited Edition run.

"What I love about this disc is the stability. The Luna is a very neutral flying disc that comes in a lot of different plastics but the 2020 Tour Series is on the overstable side so I can really rip it into the wind if I need or actually get a long flex out of it. If you are a fan of the Big Z, I highly recommend the Tour Z as well." - Paul McBeth

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