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Star Destroyer - Philo Brathwaite 2022 Tour Series

Star Destroyer - Philo Brathwaite 2022 Tour Series

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12/5/-1/3  *Gummy & Swirly Run

The Philo Brathwaite Destroyer is one of Innova's hottest tour series discs every year. Philo is a legend in the disc golf community (who remembers the Philabotross?) and his Destroyer has somewhat of a cult following.

The Star Destroyer is a pillar to the Innova distance driver lineup and is used by almost every touring pro. This disc is not good for beginners but has a wide range of applications for advanced players. 

When thrown straight, the Destroyer will provide a long, predictable flight with a hard-fading finish. When thrown on anhyzer you can easily get a crushing s-shaped 350+ foot flight.

If you have the arm speed to throw a 12-speed overstable driver then a Destroyer is a must-have addition to your bag.

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