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Roaming Thunder 2 - Swirly S-Line CD2 - Dana Vicich Sig Series

Roaming Thunder 2 - Swirly S-Line CD2 - Dana Vicich Sig Series

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9/5/-1/2   *An instant classic and workhorse of most disc golfer's bag - the RT2 is a staff and customer favorite!  Amazing artwork from the talented Manny Trujillo as well! Minor storage wear possible.     

Vicich says the CD2 is his favorite disc and possibly one of the most underrated Discmania discs, “It was a natural choice for me to pick the CD2 as my signature disc. I can throw the CD2 backhand, forehand, and on any line. For being a speed 9 disc, it surprisingly tends to fly almost as far as my high speed distance drivers.”

“The Roaming Thunder 1 came out extremely overstable for a CD2, I would almost call it a junior PD,” Vicich says. “The Roaming Thunder 2 on the hand is much more in line with what you can expect from a CD2. Fans of this mold are going to love the Roaming Thunder 2, as it has tons of glide and a very straight flight, right out of the box. If you haven't tried much from the speed 9-10 class of discs, pick up a Roaming Thunder 2 and be prepared to be amazed.”

With the great, grippy Swirl S-Line plastic, the Roaming Thunder 2 will be a driver that you can confidently reach for and know what you are getting. You won’t have to fight a strong fade or worry about too much turn, it is a disc that you can really control in any conditions.

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