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Putter Line Soft Ringer

Putter Line Soft Ringer

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4/4/0/2     *Storage wear possible with this plastic type       

The Ringer is one of the most interesting feeling discs in the Discraft lineup. It is fairly shallow and overstable for a putter! Great for short to intermediate approaches that need to hyzer, the Putter Line Soft Ringer is the perfect disc! It has a shallow rim so it feels great in the hand both forehand and backhand.  If you don’t like a Zone or a Breaker, but want a similar flight, then try a Ringer. The Ringer is a little faster than both the Zone and the Breaker, making it great for drives off of the tee.

“Ringer is an excellent choice for an everyday utility disc. The combination of moderate overstability and low profile make Ringer a popular choice for approaches and putts alike in both calm and breezy conditions.”

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