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Putter Line Soft Banger GT

Putter Line Soft Banger GT

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The Banger GT (Groove Top) is a unique Discraft putter that has a Groove around the top and a large bead that help provide an enhanced grip. The GT is very popular for hyzer putts and offers a consistent release. 

The Banger GT is a fairly low-profile, beaded putter with a unique groove top providing natural thumb placement for any player’s grip. It has a straight flight with an overstable finish and remains a favorite for approach shots and arcing, hyzer-style putts.

Putter Blend

This baseline plastic isn't known for its durability, but is trusted by many for its grip, supply advantages and price point. It is a combination of Discraft's old Pro-D and X-line plastics. Even the most overstable molds will beat in quickly to provide a flippier flight. The softer plastic type also allows for supreme grip. Stiffness can change from disc to disc in this plastic, making the Putter Blend a viable choice for a wide range of players.

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