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Omega SuperSoft (1.5) - 50th Run Edition XL Stamp

Omega SuperSoft (1.5) - 50th Run Edition XL Stamp

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2/3/0/0  *Staff Favorite!  Innova Made Similar to Soft P-Line P2 - storage wear possible -                

The Omega 4 is a deep dish, beadless putter that is super glidey. This is a disc that is very similar to a Discmania P2 or a Infinite Discs Alpaca. It is a disc that is stable enough for every shot but not so overstable that it cant be used for putting. It holds a really straight flight on putts and will handle winds really well. The disc fits very well in the hand on backhand drives and has enough stability to really be ripped on if you choose to throw it off the tee. In the circle it is a super glidey putter that will find the middle of the chains over and over again. Grab an Omega SuperSoft today!

Millennium says this about the mold: “The SuperSoft Omega Putter flies straight and provides essential control of angle, direction, and pace. The unique SuperSoft plastic is all about touch. It's soft, sticky, and grippy giving it great grip and chain-grabbing stickiness. The SuperSoft Omega is totally stable in virtually any wind, and its extra softness gives you extra stick when it hits the chains. A favorite among disc golf players of all skill level, it's the last putter you'll ever need and everything you'd ever want in a top-notch putter. Even if you’re outside your putting range, the Omega has the precision to get up-and-down.

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