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Meta Essence - First Run - "Zen" Nate Perkins Signature Series

Meta Essence - First Run - "Zen" Nate Perkins Signature Series

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8/6/-2/1 *Customer favorite First Run of Meta Essence!  These are a $$$ Run!  Minor variation possible, multiple available.       

Get ready for Nate Perkins new Signature Series disc - Zen! The Zen is an Essence that comes in the beautiful Meta plastic. The Essence is extremely popular among players of all caliber, all the way from beginners to touring pros. This do-it-all fairway driver can do almost everything from hyzer flip straights shots to turnover drives and rollers! 

The Meta plastic is a beautiful, pearly and extremely durable blend. Compared to Neo and Lux plastics, the Meta plastic is slightly more stable. The iridescent qualities of Meta plastic will make the disc change colors in any lighting condition when tilted at different angles, making it an even more unique experience.

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