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K1 Glow Göte - RAD Skull Stamp!

K1 Glow Göte - RAD Skull Stamp!

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4/5/0/1  *Very Limited Run of K1 Glow Göte with the Rare Air Discs Skull Stamp by Ripper Studios.  Only 10 Stamped!           

This midrange disc from Kastaplast is slower than both the Kaxe and Kaxe-Z.  As a slower disc, it tends to hold a line better when thrown for power or touch shots. With the Gote being a point and shoot style disc, it should be a disc almost anyone can pick up and throw. It has enough stability to be thrown with power and still have a slight fade at the end of its flight.  Outside of Sweden this disc is often referred to as "the Goat".

This is the glow in the dark version of Kastaplast's K1 plastic. K1 Glow has an excellent feel. It is moderatley grippy, but not too sticky. This plastic is extremely durable, making it perfect for regular day time rounds as well as night rounds. 


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