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Jawbreaker Raptor - First Run - Limited Ledgestone 2023

Jawbreaker Raptor - First Run - Limited Ledgestone 2023

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9/4/0/3  *First Run in Jawbreaker plastic, this Raptor is unleashed for the Ledgestone 2023 Wave 1.  Storage wear possible with this plastic type.    

The Raptor is an overstable fairway driver capable of fighting strong winds. It has a flat flight plate and comfortable rim depth for both forehand and backhand grips.

For the first time ever, the Raptor has been released in Jawbreaker plastic. In fact, this is the first time the mold has been run in any baseline plastic. The signature speckled flecks of the Jawbreaker blend are prevalent and set this run apart visually. In the hand, the tacky feel provides the best grip of any Raptor on the market. Brand new, out of the box, these Raptors are just as overstable as premium plastic runs. As this run gets beat in, the lessened durability of the Jawbreaker plastic allows these Raptors to go straighter for longer as the overstability characteristics begin to change with more wear and tear. 


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