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Latitude 64

Gold Orbit Saint Pro - Kristin Tattar World Championship

Gold Orbit Saint Pro - Kristin Tattar World Championship

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8/5/-0.5/2  *Limited run of a Latitude favorite - the Saint Pro, now in Gold Orbit plastic!     *Multiples of some variations, foil and disc may look slightly different from photos   

The Saint is easily one of our most popular discs and is nearly impossible to keep in stock. Latitude 64 has responded by creating a new mold of the Saint, the “Saint Pro”. According to Latitude 64: “The Saint Pro is the big brother of our popular control driver, Saint. We gave it a little bit more stability, and the outcome was very favorable with our test crew. Reliable, with enough stability and control for both turns and distance.”

Gold Orbit is Latitude's Gold Line plastic, but with an added "Orbit" effect. This effect creates a halo ring of a different color around the outer rim of the disc. Gold Orbit plastic is durable, grippy, and absolutely beautiful! This is the Signature version for Trilogy Pros.

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