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Glow D-line P2 (Flex 2) - Limited April Jewels Stamp

Glow D-line P2 (Flex 2) - Limited April Jewels Stamp

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2/3/0/1 - *Great feel to these limited run glow p2's with April Jewels misprint Iron Samurai and Lone Howl stamps!!  Not the best glow but the grip outweighs it in our minds! Storage wear possible with this plastic type.          

This is a limited experimental run of P2's in Flex 2 Glow D-line material. These discs glow in the dark when charged with a light in advance. Admittedly, however, the glow on these P2's is not exactly the brightest out there but otherwise these are top notch P2s!  

The P2 has a bit of fade, which makes a reliable choice for putts and approach shots. Whether you use the P2 for putting or approach you'll find out why so many has fallen in love with this disc. The versatility of this disc at different types of shots makes it a tool that helps you improve your score.

The Flex 2 plastic is the medium stiffness version of the D-line plastic designed to serve all players of all levels. It's not the stiffest nor the softest - it's suitably just right in between. Flex 1 is the softest and grippiest while Flex 3 provides a firm feel.

Good for: Putting, approaches, drives, for advanced and pro players.

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