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Galactic XT Xero - Planet X by Marm O Set

Galactic XT Xero - Planet X by Marm O Set

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The Xero is a straight flying putt & approach mold with a small bead. This works well as putter, straight approach disc, or tailwind driver. This versatile disc will help you learn how to control your disc, and be a great tool mold to continue to use as your skill increases.

How this batch of Galactic XT Xero feels: Flat. Pretty stiff. Very grippy. Set your phasers to stun the crowd.

More about the Innova Xero Putter: The medium profile Xero has a similar look to an Aviar, but with a more compact feel and rounded rim that allows you to really launch this disc straight into the basket. Long, straight putts are definitely encouraged with this disc. For approach shots, this beaded Innova putter behaves closely to a Polecat with its 0 glide and 0 fade. It just hums along and does its thing.


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