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Galactic XT Wombat3 - Limited XXL Marm O Set Stamp

Galactic XT Wombat3 - Limited XXL Marm O Set Stamp

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5/6/-1/0   *Marm O Set 2 Foil Design      

How this batch of Galactic Wombat3 feels: Flat. Fairly stiff. So much grip you’ll think you’ve died and gone to grip heaven.

More about the stamp: This week we join Wombatman braving the perils of space. Yes, wombats can go into space provided their helmets supply a constant flow of a specialized oxygen cocktail containing decomposing snow grass, stale Foster’s beer, and kangaroo BO – but I digress. … After disposing of a gang of ne’er-do-well space dingoes, Wombatman was called to an even more pressing matter … saving the earth from a careening asteroid bent on sheer destruction. Known for making quick work out of normally impossible tasks, Wombatman obliterated the lump of rock in a matter of seconds with his supersonic burrowing combined with his lethal rump twerk.

More about this large diameter mid range: A favorite disc among law-abiding citizens of the galaxy, the Wombat3 flies straight and stays flying for a long time with its hefty glide. Anyone who struggles to remain on the straight and narrow should seek help from the Innova Wombat3.

Great for:

  • Tight tunnel shots
  • Turnovers that stay turned
  • Hyzer-flip mid’s
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