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"From Zero To Blitzed” VRG Premium Polarized Sunglasses

"From Zero To Blitzed” VRG Premium Polarized Sunglasses

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The future is here. Meet the VRGs. Sleek, glare-reducing polarized lens that won’t slip or bounce while you run away from your robot overlords.

Take your style from Zero to Blitzed with these futuristic black sunglasses. They're perfect for everyone, even the AI robots who are currently on their way here from 2069 to takeover our feeble existence. (Oops!!! We've said too much. Act surprised.)


We stuck our fan favorite Whiskey Shots With Satan into a time machine and sent them into the future.

What returned back blew our minds!!!

From Zero to Blitzed

(G force training not included.)

Quite simply the best looking running sunglasses you can buy for less than $100. We started with the belief that running is fun and your stories and gear should be too. Our goal was to create the best pair of running sunglasses for under $30 and we did it!

Polarized Reflective Lens Tech

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