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ESP Force - 2021 Team Figgins Open Stamp

ESP Force - 2021 Team Figgins Open Stamp

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12/5/0/3  *2021 Team Figgins Stamp - Swirly Aqua with Pink Ring and Gold Laser Wave Foil - 173-174g minor storage wear.      

Force your drives into maximum fade with this very overstable distance driver. The Discraft Force is one of the more overstable drivers, with a stability rating of 2.0. This disc has a wide rim (2.3cm) and travels at very high speeds. The force was built for power throwers looking for more distance, and is Discraft’s fastest flying overstable driver. 

If you throw with force, this is a disc you’re going to want in your bag.

The ESP line by Discraft offers a great combination of durability and grip. This plastic was first released in 2006, is very similar to the Z Line, and is one of the higher valued plastics. It's slightly less durable than the Z Line but has a much better value for grip on the disc.

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