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Elevation Koi - ecoFLOP Recycled Rubber

Elevation Koi - ecoFLOP Recycled Rubber

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3/4/-1/0  *Brand new rubber type made from recycled tires! Actually more durable than previous runs.        

The Koi is designed to glide to the basket with ease. This straight to under-stable putter will hold whatever line you put it on, and Elevation's floppy rubber material will ensure it sticks and grabs onto the chains. It was approved by the PDGA on May, 2021

Our ecoFLOP rubber is made of vulcanized natural rubber, with up to 30% recycled material made of postconsumer tire rubber. In other words, every 10,000 discs we produce we get to take 130 used tires out of the world's landfills. Again, this is not your average recycled disc, our eco-materials maintain incredible durability thanks to the uniquely strong characteristics of rubber. It is also super grippy (think the tires of your car) and has a floppiness somewhere between ecoFLEX and OG, so your disc will flop onto the ground and grip to where it lands.

The material is very strong, should be less susceptible to being punctured by sharp objects, and has incredible durability. I think people are used to recycled discs being less durable, but these are the opposite!
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